Building & Flying a 747 at the Same Time


While in private practice, I had a case where I knew that I needed an expert in technology but could not put my finger on who could help. A good friend working as an information technologist told me that I needed a computer forensic expert. It was the first time that I had ever heard about the profession.

With a stroke of luck, I found CFR. When I first spoke with Dan, he used the analogy: "the field of computer forensics is like building a 747 while flying it at the same time" to explain his field of expertise. Now that we work together, I still hear him use that phrase when talking to new clients and can confirm: he is absolutely right.

First, consider the evolution of technology: past, present and future. No matter someone's age, demographic or location, it is hard to deny the role that technology plays in today's world. Even more, the rate in which technology is progressing is light years ahead of what we experienced just 10 years ago.  

Next, it is important to understand that the field of computer forensics is different from the field information technology (or "IT"). Simply put, those that work in the field of computer forensics care most about preserving data and what happened in the past. Those that work in the field of IT care most about deploying new technology and preparing for the future.

When taking both into perspective, the 747 analogy makes sense: forensic tools can only be created after the new technology has been deployed. To that end, it is understandable that forensic tools are struggling to keep up. The cycle is constant, overlapping and challenging but is exciting just the same.

In similar fashion, CFR as a company has evolved much the same way since we opened our doors in 2006. Although the name indicates that all we do is computer forensics, that is no longer true. As each day passes, we find ourselves expanding our services to meet the needs of our present and future clients in all legal matters that involve technology - and that intrigues us. Attempting to always stay ahead of the curve and ready ourselves for the next case that walks through the door is our passion.

The launch of our new website embodies CFR's ever-changing attitude. In two short years, our "new" website was already out-dated, both in content and design. We wanted a "mobile-friendly" site, we wanted a "clean" site, and most importantly, we wanted to have the ability to reach an audience that wants to know what we do, what we experience and how we operate. So here we are.

Dan and I intend to post our thoughts on a multitude of topics on a regular basis. Please check back often and, pursuant to our open-door policy, if you have questions: ASK. We are always happy to educate and assist whenever we are able.

Thanks for stopping by our website. We hope you find our website and our services useful.

And remember: "Don't Plead Your Case, Prove It"

- Colleen