Derek Kuchenreuther, CVSE, CVST

Derek Kuchenreuther, CVSE, CVST (pronounced: Kook-en-rider) joined CFR in December of 2018. Armed with 17 years of experience as a certified law enforcement officer, 10 of which as an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force member, to say that he is a welcome addition to the CFR Team is an understatement.

Not only does Derek have an extensive educational and practical background in the field of digital forensics, he proudly boasts extensive knowledge and experience in investigative techniques, evidence handling, call record mapping, cell tower data analysis, and more. Derek has worked on almost every type of criminal matter to include cases involving homicide, election tampering, child pornography, and everything in between. Couple those experiences with his calm demeanor, practical approach, and attention to detail, Derek is an invaluable asset to CFR and CFR’s Clients alike.