Expert Witness Testimony

Digital forensic examiners at CFR have been qualified as experts to testify in various state and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States.


CFR understands that it is one thing to be able to recover and analyze digital data and quite another to be able to clearly articulate and present that information in the court of law. 

With so many cases hinging on digital evidence, having a digital forensic expert witness to rely on is critical. Although his profession is highly technical, Dan has the ability to present his findings in a way that everyone can understand. Comparing allocated and unallocated space to farmland is just one analogy that he uses in order to help the jury and Judge grasp the concepts of digital forensics.

Aside from testimony, CFR understands that it is just as important that the client have a high understanding of the technical jargon, policies, and procedures in order for them to make persuasive legal arguments and maintain control of any opposing witness. For this reason, CFR has an attorney on staff to help bridge the knowledge gap between technology and the law. This team approach has proven to be invaluable for clients both in the courtroom and on paper.

If you retain CFR to assist you with a case involving technology you can rest assured knowing that the CFR team has ample experience in the courtroom.