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CFR: Always Thinking Outside the Box

Although our company name refers only to computer forensics, the work we do hardly stops there. Not a week passes at CFR when we are not challenged by our clients to think outside the box to assist with their unique cases. It is this aspect of our job that we are most passionate about.

There is so much truth to one of Dan's common phrases, "the world of technology is like building a 747 while you are flying it." It is almost impossible to get ahead of the latest and greatest technological invention. Because of this, we use our expertise and common sense to assist our clients in coming up with creative solutions to problems that they may have once considered unsolvable.

If you have an issue related to technology, civil or criminal, administrative or managerial, contact CFR today.

Other Services We Provide:

  • Litigation Support & Consultation
  • Online/Social Media Investigations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Etc. - contact us to inquire!